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Solving Psychological Problems Through Dream Therapy

All dreamers understand that they have superior information in dreams when they translate their dreams according to the scientific method. They acquire special knowledge.

For example , thanks to the meaning of your dreams you may discover that you are very intelligent, but you are lazy and you are not using your capacities. Your own dreams will give you all the explanations you need.

You will understand what made you have this indifferent attitude to your extraordinary capacities. Then, you will learn how to develop the parts of your personality that have extraordinary talents, but never had the chance to appear on the conscious surface because they were suffocated by the violent parts of your personality.

You will be able to understand what determines your behavior and how to have a positive attitude in all situations, after understanding your mistakes. Your dreams talk about your life, your mental health, and your behavior.

Your dreams also give you information about the outside world. You can practically read people's minds if you will study the psychological types discovered by Carl Jung and relate this knowledge to the information you have in dreams.

I could complete Jung's research and discover a lot more because I precisely obeyed the divine guidance in dreams, especially after verifying that the unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung is God's mind. This is a scientific and religious truth. I had to complete the mental health treatment everyone must follow through dream therapy, and prove to the world that God is the dream producer.

I also had to prove to the world that we must obey the divine guidance with humbleness and gratitude because we are under-developed primates. We live in order to abandon our violent animal nature and discover the power of goodness.

Understanding the dream language represents a new beginning. You have dreams about crucial matters that have a decisive impact on your life.

Your dreams reflect what is hurting your psyche and why. You learn how to heal your wounds through knowledge and understanding. This comprehension helps you accept all life challenges with courage and determination.

Most people are inconsequential. Depression, anxiety, neurosis and numerous other mental illnesses are torturing the biggest part of the world population.

Everything is camouflaged by indifference and superficiality. Those who are protected are totally indifferent to what happens with those who have no rights because they live on misery. Those who are able to keep their conscience alive besides being influenced by their anti-conscience consider those who are affected by the absurdity they have inherited as if they were the only absurd individuals of the world.

The truth is that our absurdity is vast. In order to stop being absurd we must follow psychotherapy through dream translation. Everyone needs this treatment. The human absurdity must be tamed and cured.

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