Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014


Tommie Copper's comfortable compression tights are ergonomically designed to help relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness, aid performance and recovery and stimulate oxygen delivery to the muscles.

Helps relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness
Stimulates oxygen delivery to the muscles
Gentle effective compression allows for 24 hour use
Wickable fabric keeps skin dry
Covered elastic waistband allows extra comfort
Comfortably and discreetly wear under pants or dress
Accessorize with a skirt
Anti-odor technology
Regulates body temperature
Machine washable. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets
Sold individually
Contains: 57% Copper-Nylon, 29% Nylon, 14% Spandex
Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odor

UPF 30+ protects skin from 97% of harmful UV rays

* The more you buy the more you save! Save $20 on every 2 pairs of women's tights you buy. Mix and match colors and sizes. (Not Valid With Other Offers)

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